Welcome to the web site of Bedworth Folk Club.
General Information
The Club, which has run almost continuously since 1972, meets every 2nd wednesday of the month (8pm start) in the Smercote Lounge at The Newdigate Club in Smorrall Lane, Bedworth (CV12 0JP), and also holds a second night most months on the 4th wednesday, except June - August (also 8pm start) at the same venue.
The club is quite unique in that there is no admission charge despite the fact that there are top rate guests at almost every meeting (we just pass the jug around so you can give as much or as little as you wish a minimum of the price of a couple of pints (at least £5) is suggested – our aim is always for everyone, guests, audience and floor singers alike to have a really good time.
Floor singers are always welcome but we get very busy so we recommend a call or email to reserve a spot, on the night it is very much first come first served – if there is space available.
 Our next three event dates are:
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(Wednesday) June 13th 2018
at Newdigate Club

Karen Pfeiffer & Paul Walker

'There's Carnegie Hall, The Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and then there's DeBarra's' (Christy Moore). On their annual Irish Tour, DeBarra's, one of Ireland's finest Folk Clubs, is also one of Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer's best loved music venues to perform. With their unique onstage-chemistry and their often commented-on very special harmonies, the Anglo-German duo from Staffordshire entertain and engage their audience with acoustic originals and folk club favourites. Briefly, "Songs with groove and goose bumps guaranteed", as a German newspaper put it recently. Sharing vocal duties, the "two exceptional musicians" perform "sometimes powerful with groove, sometimes poetically tender". Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer have their individual styles which combine beautifully and, together with their light-hearted banter, they provide a truly memorable experience. Karen one moment has the voice of an angel with her heart-wrenching ballads and then, as if from nowhere, comes a powerful and gritty vocal that leaves audiences mesmerised. She adds with alto-recorder, tin whistle and percussive instruments to Paul's admirable guitar playing. This is their 5th year of performance together and in their luggage they proudly bring along their second album 'Marble Town'. "The likable, humorous style in which they treat their audience is also reflected in their own songs", which they present along with a selection of classics from folk icons such as Richard Thompson, Dougie MacLean, Jimmy MacCarthy or Christy Moore - and sometimes the odd German folk song, or even a German 'joke', will find its way into the diversified evening of entertainment.

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(Wednesday) June 27th 2018
at Newdigate Club

2nd Wednesday Only June-July-August

(Wednesday) July 11th 2018
at Newdigate Club

Miriam (Erasmus) Backhouse

Mim`s roots go back to the UK Folk Scene of the `70s when `Our Mim` was likened to Joan Baez, and ranked alongside Maddy Prior and other revivalists of the time.

Then, she played a significant role in the folk revival, appearing at most of the Folk Clubs and Festivals of the time, including Edinburgh and Cambridge, with acclaim from all the leading critics of the day. Miriam`s interpretation of traditional and modern folk songs are unique, and her ability to lead a Folk audience into chorus singing, particularly, `Keys of Canterbury` at Cambridge Folk Festival 1976, is the stuff of legends.

Over the years in South Africa, she has entertained for many concerts and festivals, including Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth and Splashy Fen `Over Africa` features on the 10 years CD - and established herself as a shining light in the entertainment business.

She is unique in South Africa, her songs, like `The beautiful pass at Van Reenen` and `Over Africa` have become part of their music heritage.

Her `protest` songs about the border war `I don`t want my child to die` (Richard Haslop featured this on his `Roots to Fruits` radio show) and `Mother`s lament` have been recognised as some of the best, ranking alongside those from other troubled lands like Ireland, USA etc.

These songs, and the music of South Africa, are becoming world renowned now, and Mim is part of this surge.

She originally retired from the UK Folk Scene in 1977, to have a family, and now they have flown the nest, the family encouraged her to get back `out there`, and she is now re-established as Miriam Backhouse-Erasmus, Professional Folk Singer, in the UK. Folk Club, Arts Centre and Festival appearances there have been a great success and Miriam`s UK 2007 tour was a sell out.

Since marrying John Erasmus, relocating to South Africa, in 1977, and raising a family, she has diversified into the full range of music, playing `Anna` in `The King and I` under the direction of EOH