Podcasts (Full shows approx. 1 hour)
BFC Podcast 1 (22nd April 2020)
BFC Podcast 2 (13th May 2020)
BFC Podcast 3 (27th May 2020)
BFC Podcast 4 (10th June 2020)

Individual tracks from Podcasts and other misc tracks
  1. Over The Lancashire Hills
  2. The Dutchman
  3. Blues Run The Game
  4. Never Going Back Again
  5. Lamplighter
  6. Rye Neck Sal
  7. Need Your Love So Bad
  8. When You Were Sweet Sixteen
  9. The Snow Is Falling
  10. Why Does It Happen To Me?
  11. Keys To The Highway
  12. Punch and Judy Man
  13. Summerfly
  14. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
  15. The Blackleg Miner
  16. Down In The Dark Of The Coalmine
  17. Don't Make Me Go Down The Mine Dad
  18. Drink The Winter Away
  19. Bentley
  20. The Train Had Already Gone
  21. The Siren
  22. A Drop Of Nelsons Blood
  23. Tramps And Hawkers
  24. The Rare Old Times
  25. Anytime At All
  26. It Takes A Worried Man
  27. Tally Ho/Scotsman Over The Border

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